Jen, Michigan

I always dreamt of traveling to Hungary (my grandparents were Hungarian) and my leery mother was going to be my traveling companion. While browsing for paprika on the Magyar Marketing website, I came across their Hungarian tours. I excitedly told my mother about it. She felt that it would be safer than traveling on our own, getting lost and starving. Even though I was looking for an adventure, I felt that this was a good compromise. The trip turned out to be amazing. We traveled to places that we never would have found on our own. My vacations typically consist of bars and shopping, whereas my mom’s consist more of museums and scenery but we found Hungary to be a great blend of both of our tastes.

My mother kept a journal and I was the photographer. While the journal has been passed along to family and friends to read, the pictures are still waiting to be developed.

It has been a long time since I spent over two weeks with my mom. We were both nervous that we would be sick of each other, but the trip was a great way to reconnect. We were still speaking after we arrived home, and we may even consider including my dad on the next adventure.

To experience exploring cultural roots with my mom was an opportunity to learn about my heritage and brought us closer together. The memories will last forever. ~ Jen, Michigan