Frank and Hilda, New York

We’ve been traveling as a couple both independently and with organized tour operators in the U,S., Europe, South America and the Middle East for almost five decades, and we’ve found your operation to be among the best we’ve experienced. Your trips are well organized and it’s easy to see that there must be a lot of planning and preparation behind these excursions and itineraries. We typically stayed at four star hotels, and this reduced the number of times we had to pack and unpack. Many of the hotels were close to city centers, our luggage was zipped into and out of each hotel so we didn’t have to lug them around, we didn’t have to find restaurants that were decent and open, and you did all the leg work for the sights and attractions for a full day. We put ourselves into your hands and did not regret it once.

In addition, we appreciate each tour’s balance between the natural beauty of the country, the rich history and culture of my wife’s homeland, and the unique products offered by the country’s talented artisans not to mention the amazing local cuisine, wines and of course, pálinka. Even though I am not of Hungarian decent and have been to Hungary four times in the past, I found your tour to be very interesting and fun. After all, you don’t need to be French to enjoy Paris.

We like the fact that each day’s schedule is not too ambitious or exhausting, and that your itineraries leave time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Also, the air-conditioned coach was clean and comfortable, and your local tour guide and the very skilled coach driver were knowledgeable and good-natured and always ready to help with any issues that came up. So, all in all, your guests get good value for their vacation dollars and a memorable experience. ~ Frank and Hilda, New York