Mary Lou and Val, Minnesota

Growing up in a first generation Hungarian family, we were exposed to many aspects of Hungarian culture and traditions: hearing the language spoken between siblings and also enjoying the delicious foods on holidays and Sunday dinners. As cousins, we wanted to embrace that heritage and visit the country where our parents were born. This led us to discover Magyar Marketing and a tour planned by Liz’s mother in 2003. Memories of that trip still lingered and when we heard that Liz was planning a tour, we jumped at the chance! We have traveled to many countries with various tour groups. By comparison, Magyar Marketing comes out on top in all areas. The personal attention we received, visits to enjoy local music and food and cultural activities were plentiful — and at no extra charge! Our accommodations were always at unique properties and meals were mostly included and reflected local foods. Liz has a unique perspective on tour planning. She has a vested interest in her tours that brings the focus to learning and appreciating Hungarian history and culture. She has prioritized her personal selection of guides and drivers. Each one brings their own experiences and perspective of Hungary to share with us. We readily embrace them as partners on our trip and enjoy their company. ~ Mary Lou and Val, Minnesota