What to do while you wait for your trip!

What to do while you wait for your trip:

Hungarian Language: Work on your Hungarian language skills. We have been offering small group Hungarian language instruction with some excellent teachers and it helps to be doing something practical. We would love to have you join us! Find a language app that works for you. Make vocabulary flashcards. Take a course.

Genealogy: Since we aren’t free to travel, it might be a good time to work on your genealogy projects. How far back can you go in your family line? Are there places you might be stuck? We will be hosting new classes this fall!

Health: Keep up your health! Start or keep walking or biking or whatever you do so, when the time comes for travel, you are ready to go! Track your miles, find a podcast to listen to while you walk! Change up your routine!

Culinary Arts: Are there some Hungarian foods you want to try to make? Now is a great time to experiment in the kitchen! Take one of our online cooking classes! Challenge yourself to make a Hungarian dish at least once a month. If you have a family recipes to work with, that’s even better! If you don’t love to cook but miss Hungarian food, maybe you are lucky enough to have a Hungarian restaurant or organization near you that is cooking! Support them if you can!

Folk Art: If you have been interested in learning some aspect of Hungarian folk art, now is a great time to do some learning! Recently, I had a couple of nights away and I took a sketch pad with me and I just practiced drawing some Hungarian folk art flowers. It was fun to play around and figure out how to sketch a few things. Even though I am not particularly artistic, I was able to come up with a few satisfying drawings!

Reading: Find books that have to do with Hungary — whether they are historical accounts or historical fiction or simply novels and stories by authors who have a connection to Hungary, it doesn’t matter. It is always interesting to read different perspectives and “travel” with a good author! There are books for all ages with a connection to Hungary!

Movies: There are plenty of movies out there with a connection to Hungary — either written or directed by a Hungarian, set in Hungary, about the topic of Hungary, or with actors that have Hungarian heritage.

Music: Hungarians are well known for their passion for music. Check YouTube for a wide variety of music from folk songs to current hits to gypsy orchestras! This is a great time to expand your experience with Hungarian music!

5 thoughts on “What to do while you wait for your trip!

  1. Lynn Vaseleski says:

    Liz, can you suggest the titles of any any books or movies that would fit your “What To Do While We Wait To Travel” ideas above? Any special ones you had in mind? Thanks.

    • Liz says:

      Hi Lynn! I wasn’t thinking of anything specific but I can make a recommendation if you let me know what types of books you typically like. The challenge with movies is that there isn’t just one place to find them but, if you use something like Netflix, if you search for Hungarian a few will pop up. ~ Liz

  2. Hannah Vos says:

    A great relaxing book to read is The Good Master! It’s one of the books that helps you escape reality for a little bit, which is a nice thing to do in these times!

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