May 2017 Transylvania

May 2017 Transylvania

 Day 1: Arrive in Bucharest and travel to Brasov.

Day 2 : City tour in Council Square or Marktplatz. Fortified churches built by the Germanic Teutonic Knights in the early 1200s for the purpose of protecting the inhabitants of the town from attack by invading forces of the Mongols, Tatars, Ottoman Turks, Cossacks and Moldavians.

Day 3: St. Anna Lake and the mossy bog.

Day 4: Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage – a symbol of solidarity among Hungarians and represents the nation. Pilgrims have been gathering together at Csíksomlyó for 449 years during Pentecost.

Day 5: Lacu Rosu (Red Lake), Bicaz Pass and Gyimesbükk

Day 6: Land of carved gates

Day 7: Szovata, Bear Lake, the Parajd Salt Mine and  Korond

Day 8: Enjoy the wellness facilities!

Day 9: Torocko and Kolozsvár

Day 10: Torockó and a cooking course

Day 11: Festival in Torockó.

Day 12: Travel to Nagyvarad

Day 13  Explore Budapest. Evening Danube cruise with buffet dinner and gypsy music.










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