Hungarian Organizations

  • Hungarian Club Membership

    Have you been fortunate to grow up in a community with an active Hungarian club? Are you still involved? We have heard from clubs across the country and some are growing rapidly but some are frustrated by dwindling membership and participation. Unfortunately, there are times the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations are not connected to […]

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  • Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp

    Ti Ti Tábor is a Hungarian Folk Camp that occurs each summer on Raft Island in Washington. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful setting for a rich immersion experience into authentic Hungarian folk culture for adults and children alike. The camp brings experts from Hungary to teach folk dancing, music, singing, and traditional folk arts. […]

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  • The Hun Archers

    The HUN Archers are a Hungarian Archery Team based in Sarasota, Florida with a love for Archery and Hungarian Culture. Before the team existed, members practiced archery on a regular basis for recreational fun. In early 2015, we gathered our interests, thoughts, and love for the “Magyar” Culture and the HUN Archers team was created. […]

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  • The Hungarian Arts Club of Detroit

    The Hungarian Arts Club was formed in 1958 as an organization to preserve Hungarian arts and culture. The Club’s goals are to nourish, support and promote Hungarian heritage and to present this culture to the people of the United States. To meet this purpose, the club has raised money through cultural events it has sponsored […]

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  • Carolinas Hungarian Group

    The Carolinas Hungarian Group is a non-profit organization with the mission of preserving, teaching and supporting Hungarian culture and heritage. Our 500+ family strong membership brings together Hungarians and those interested in the Hungarian culture from North Carolina, South Carolina and other states in the USA. Amongst the large variety of programs (cultural events, commemorative […]

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  • San Diego Magyar Haz

    House of Hungary in San Diego is a non-profit group of volunteers. Our goal is to promote Hungarian language and culture by providing a place for people to get together, speak the language, enjoy, concerts, literary events and celebrate holidays. There is an ethnic food fair in May and a 2-day Christmas festival in December […]

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