Holidays and Traditions

  • Valentine Day Ideas!

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, consider incorporating a little Hungarian in the lives of those you love by wishing them Boldog Bálint Napot! Happy Valentine’s Day! While Valentine’s Day is more of a U.S. custom there is nothing wrong with adding a Hungarian touch to your celebration. If you don’t speak Hungarian, szeretlek “I […]

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  • Christmas Cards with a Magyar Touch

    Recently we had a card making party with some “crafty” friends. If you are not a person who is naturally craft-oriented, I recommend you surround yourself with those who are because it is fun to do with a person who knows what they are doing! What you should gather together: Find a friend who LOVES […]

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  • The May Tree or Majus Fa

    If you travel to Hungary at the right time of year and you get out to the countryside, you might see a May Tree! Here is some information about this tradition which is still practiced in some areas of Hungary today! May Trees Have any of you ladies ever received a “Majus Fa” a “May […]

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  • Hungarian Christmas Carols

    Csendes Éj ~ Silent Night Csendes éj, szentséges éj! Mindenek nyugta mély; Nincs fenn más cask a szent szule pár, Drága kisdeduk álmainál. Szent Fiu aludjál, Szent Fiu aludjál! Csendes éj, szentséges éj! Angyalok hangja kél; Halld a mennyei halleluját, Szerte zenge e drága szavát: Krisztus megszabadít, Krisztus megszabadít! Csendes éj, szentséges éj! Szív örülj, […]

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  • Hungarian Name Days

    Boldog Névnapot! Happy Name Day! Hungarians not only have birthdays but name days as well. Name days are special days celebrated on a day designated for particular names. These days are picked mainly based on religious traditions and historical events and the day is celebrated in the workplace, among friends and with family. The traditional […]

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  • Making Szaloncukor

    For the last couple of years I have been thinking about making the traditional Hungarian Christmas candy, szaloncukor. What was my motivation? I miss the traditional fringed paper. I just like how it looks. I guess it is nostalgic. But it also is (or at least it was) a traditional activity in Hungarian homes. People […]

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