Genealogy Resources & Our Family History

  • Questions to Ask … Questions to Answer

    Below are some questions to ask of someone who had to leave Hungary and move to a new place, regardless of when they moved away. It is important that you ask these questions respectfully. Some people are not willing to share their story because it is still too painful. Others know that they are nearing […]

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  • World War I Collectibles

    A few years ago, I visited with Giorgio about World War 1 collectibles with Hungarian connections. His wife, Olga, was one of my Hungarian instructors at the Debreceni Nyari Egyetem. Giorgio has been able to turn his love for and knowledge about World War I items into his livelihood. Read on to learn about these […]

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  • Our Family Visit to Hungary

    After several years of saving money, in May of 2012 our family of six took a trip to Hungary. My husband was the mastermind behind the trip planning and factored in the various interests of our diverse family. His patience and research skills have always been amazing! I am fairly certain I wouldn’t have dared […]

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  • Our Family Connections in Hungary

    Many of you know we were able to go to Hungary in May 2012 as a family. What a wonderful experience! Yes, we saw the beautiful countryside. Yes, we saw amazing architecture, and, yes, we ate some incredible meals. But then there was the best part of the trip: Meet Erika [Pictured l to r: […]

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