2018 Summertime in Hungary

Featuring Kecskemét, Szeged, Gyula, Budapest, Ópusztaszer, and a day trip into Serbia

This tour includes:

  • 12 nights in 4 hotels with time to explore each location!
  • A/C coach services & English speaking guide
  • All hotel accommodations (4 star or best in region)
  • Two meals each full day
  • Time to relax at the spas in Kecskemét and Gyula
  • A visit the Kodály Zoltán Institute of Music pedagogy
  • A tour in the Pick Sausage Museum
  • The medieval castle in Gyula
  • A traditional Hungarian horse show with gypsy music
  • A wine tasting in Serbia at Maurer Winery and in Hungary at the Bagolyvár Estate
  • Dinner in a typical csárda
  • City tour in Budapest
  • A pálinka distillery tour
  • A tour of the sausage museum in Gyula
  • And several other surprises











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