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Carolinas Hungarian Group

Please feel free to link to our website ( and to our Facebook page (, where you can see our promotional movie about all our activities, as well as a movie about the Easter camp in particular.

The Carolinas Hungarian Group is a non-profit organization with the mission of preserving, teaching and supporting Hungarian culture and heritage. Our 500+ family strong membership brings together Hungarians and those interested in the Hungarian culture from North Carolina, South Carolina and other states in the USA.

Amongst the large variety of programs (cultural events, commemorative get-togethers, concerts, dance instructions, international festivals, etc.) our largest events are the biannual camps: the Hungarian Fall Camp and the Hungarian Easter Camp.

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of our Hungarian Easter Camp. Since 1995, every year nearly 200 people enjoy the opportunity to meet in the mountains of North Carolina for a traditional Easter celebration. The girls paint Easter eggs, weave baskets, bake gingerbread, while the boys learn sprinkling poems and “sprinkle” the girls to preserve their beauty and freshness. We cook goulash in 8 giant caldrons over open fire and bake piles and piles of “palacsinta” (Hungarian crepe). Folk musicians provide the musical backdrop to our days, and following the footsteps of the famous Hungarian “Dance House’ movement, we have our evenings filled with folk music and dancing.

The Hungarian Fall camp takes place during the Thanksgiving break: from the Wednesday before the holiday to the Sunday after. On average 100 campers gather to immerse themselves in “edutainment”, learning about topics ranging from Hungarian historical periods (Hungarian settlement, Turkish occupation, revolutionary war period), to Hungarian scientific achievements. On Thanksgiving evening, a formal dinner honors the American tradition of nations coming together.

Our motivation to start these camps was to create an opportunity for those interested in Hungarian culture, to spend meaningful time together, and to organize memorable programs for our children and ourselves. Since the membership of our organization is spread out over long distances, and some families need to travel 6 hours (or even more) to participate, we found camps the be the most optimal way to get together.

Our greatest challenge is to provide adequate shelter and food for a large number of people, and organize interesting programs for people with different ages, language proficiencies and financial situations. With the dedicated work of some devoted and hard-working volunteers, we have been able to meet these challenges.

The greatest reward is to see how our group becomes a community, how children and adults alike develop friendships and create long-lasting memories. Our efforts have been instrumental in keeping our cultural heritage alive and in passing the heritage on to the future generations. We are committed to create leaders in the young generation, who will carry on the mission of our organization.

Further information about the camps is available on our Meetup website, and from the organizers upon request.

See our website for more information and RSVP: