Magyar Living

Magyar Living was established in 2014 as a place for resources and connections for all things Hungarian! Whether you know a little or a lot about being Hungarian, we are sure you will find encouragement here. It is so important to share Hungarian heritage with the next generation. From recipes to creative projects to history snippets to tours to Hungary, we are here to help you on your journey! We invite you to look around our site and see if you can find new ways to express your Hungarian self!

Magyar Marketing

Magyar Marketing is our webstore and was established by my mother, Elizabeth A. Szabo, in 1988. My mom knew firsthand the challenges of raising children in the culture of the USA. She wanted to make sure we understood the value of knowing our Hungarian heritage. As my mom visited with other Hungarians, she knew they were struggling too. They were trying to find foods and other resources to would help them maintain a strong connection with their heritage and share it with the younger generations. Magyar Marketing was her answer for this problem! After my mom passed away in 2008, we adopted the business and have worked to continue her goal of helping others “pass it on”. As a second generation family business, we hope that we can continue to serve you in the years to come!


“Magyar” is the Hungarian word for “Hungarian”.  The closest way to pronounce it is to say “mud” + “jar”, first slowly, and then speed it up! The “gy” in Hungarian in a letter with a sound that is a bit unusual for the English speaker. It most closely resembles the “dg” in “nudge”.

Pictured below [from l to r]: Lauren, Josh, Karolina, Don, Liz, Hannah, Elizabeth, Grace, and Landon and two babies who have since then made their way to the world in May and July of 2019!

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