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Welcome to Magyar Living ~ where we celebrate Hungarian heritage in a variety of ways!

Isten Hozott! Welcome!

We are a family owned small business celebrating Hungarian heritage and have been in operation since 1988.

Please explore the many areas of our website to discover the many resources we have gathered in hopes of making it easier to share your Hungarian heritage!

If you are looking for our online store it also has a new and improved look. On this page, look for Magyar Marketing Store (towards the top right hand side of this page) and click on the box. It will take you to the website where you can shop. Be patient as we are still adding products so if there is something you are looking for but you can’t find, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-786-7851 or send an email to 

Our family appreciates your support of our business. It is our hope that we can learn from one another how to better discover, celebrate, and share our Hungarian heritage with those we love!

Our sweet family! From l to r: Lauren, Don, Landon, Grace, Liz, Elizabeth, and Hannah
The Vos Family Summer 2014! From L to R: Lauren, Don, Landon, Grace, Liz, Elizabeth, and Hannah

Magyar Marketing Newsletter #110


Welcome! Isten Hozott!
October 2015 Newsletter

In September, I traveled to Hungary to explore various locations for upcoming tours and to meet with Andrea, our tour partner. The vineyards were full as the harvest was just beginning, the wineries were welcoming, the weather was incredible, and it was a busy but wonderful trip. also had the opportunity to connect with several of my precious relatives and friends! I am excited to share more photos and thoughts with you in the upcoming months!

My husband has work responsibilities in California this week so I decided to go along with him and see what the San Diego Hungarians were up to. The timing was perfect and the weather was gorgeous! We headed from the airport to their szalonnasütés beach party and then I was able to jump in on a little dancing fun at a táncház as well. I am thankful Julia Nemeth was able to take time out of her busy schedule to help me get connected with both events. We hope to get to the House of Hungary in Balboa Park for dessert and a cup of coffee this Sunday between 12-4pm. If you would like to learn more about this organization and how to get involved, check out San Diego Hungarians.


Magyar Marketing’s Adventure in Hungary Tour
In May 2016, we will spend 14 unforgettable days exploring Budapest and Western Hungary where we will focus on the beauty of Hungary through culture, tradition, music, folklore, spas, wine and wonderful food. Cities included in this excursion are: Budapest, Szentendre, Pannonhalma, Győr, Sopron, Sárvár, Őrség National Park, Sümeg, Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred, Tihany, Veszprém, Herend, Tolna, Pécs, Mohács, and the Villány Wine region. Consider this your invitation to join us!

Why consider a Magyar Marketing tour? I have been to Hungary multiple times in a number of different situations throughout the years and every experience has been wonderful, but there is no question that a visit with an experienced tour guide is an opportunity not to be missed. I spent over a week with Andrea last month and her wisdom of Hungarian history, years of experience in the tourism industry, and her passion for sharing Hungary’s diverse and rich resources with guests is impressive. She has so much to share and is a delight to be around. Together, we have been busy planning the May 2016 Adventure in Hungary as well as outlining several future packages. Even if you have been to Hungary before, Magyar Marketing’s Adventure in Hungary will be fun, educational, and a great opportunity to explore a variety of Hungary’s treasures. If you are interested in more information, please call me at 1-800-786-7851 (leave a message as we are not always in the office) or send an email to and I will send you additional information.

Catalog update: We appreciate your patience! The catalog should be heading to mailboxes by the middle of this month. Be sure to hang onto your old one as a reference. This new catalog doesn’t have everything listed but it does have our most popular and newest items included. Creating a catalog is a large commitment for a small business like ours.

Special Seasonal Items

2016 Calendars
The calendars will be in stock by the end of October. Contact me to reserve yours today! Enjoy beautiful scenery shots each month with photos taken on location in Hungary. One of the best features of this calendar, besides the beautiful photography, is that it also lists Hungarian Name Days as well as months and days of the week in both Hungarian and English. A great gift to give because one size fits all but great for your own home as well! Same price as last year: $21 each plus shipping and handling.

If you are looking for a fun and delicious way to share a Hungarian Christmas tradition in your family, szaloncukor is a great way to start! Even non-Hungarians are excited to learn about this fun and delicious addition to the holidays. Every shipment of szaloncukor will include a little notecard explaining this special Hungarian tradition in case you don’t know it. Each bag has about 35 pieces of candy, individually wrapped in colorful foil. Flavors for this year include: jellied, caramel, coconut, chocolate-cherry, cottage cheese lemon, and marzipan-cherry.The mixed bag is back this year but we do not know what flavors it will contain. Price per bag, $8.50.

Pogácsa, Pozsonyi Kifli and Kalács
Be sure to let us know as early as possible if you would like to order walnut and poppyseed rolls, walnut and poppyseed pozsonyi kifli, or pogácsa (with bacon cracklings). We will not be posting the pozsonyi kifli or pogácsa on the website so you need to email me ( or call (1-800-786-7851) with your order and contact information.

If you need apricot, prune, or raspberry lekvar or fresh ground poppyseed for baking, please give us a call!

Some articles and websites you might find beneficial:

The Day of Hungarian Folk Tales

Magyar News Online

Tutorial on Preserving Documents

Compilation Trailer/Memory Project

Hungarian Film Festival in San Francisco

Upcoming Hungarian Events
Are you looking to get connected with your Hungarian heritage? Events are happening all across the country and it is hard to keep up with all the opportunities. We currently have events listed from New York to California, Michigan to Texas, and Florida to Washington as well as many places in between! I even added in the several events happening in Australia because I think that’s pretty exciting. If you are having a Hungarian event open to the public but it is not listed here, please contact me at so we can get on the Magyar Marketing website. Click here for our most recent listings…

Zoltán Mága Concerts
Live, in concert; enjoy the flair and passion of Zoltán Mága, Hungary’s foremost violin virtuoso! Experience fiery music and Hungarian folk dance brought to life by a cast of handpicked singers, costumed ballroom dancers and a chamber symphony orchestra. From heart-warming ballads, beautiful waltzes and beloved arias to the furious speeds of Zoltán’s Gypsy band, let these performers dazzle you with their masterful virtuosity. If you loved Zoltán’s PBS Special, From Budapest with Love, then you’ll love the charm of this vibrant live concert celebrating the infectious energy of Hungary’s music and dance! Check out the website for Glatz Concerts and use the code HEGEDU for a discount at some venues.

Thank you for your support of our family business!

I often wonder if my great grandparents, who came to the United States in the early 1900s, ever thought that their great-great grandchildren would be so excited about and committed to their Hungarian heritage. Over 100 years have passed but the bond is there and continues to grow. I encourage you to find the natural opportunities for connection within your family and build on those! Our kids (ages 18-27) identify very strongly with their Hungarian side but it has been an intentional process.

Minden jót!
Wishing you all the best!

Liz and Don Vos
Hannah, Elizabeth, Landon & Grace, and Lauren & Josh


Helping you discover, celebrate, and share Hungarian heritage for over 27 years!