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Hungarian Songs

Posted on November 1st, 2020 by Liz

Music makes an impression — even when we don’t know what the words mean!

Do you recall your parents or grandparents singing certain songs in Hungarian? There may be several Hungarian songs are a part of the oral tradition in your family. Maybe you remember singing them as a child but have forgotten the words or the melodies. Let’s talk about those songs!

We are excited to team up with Zina Bozzay to create several opportunities that will explore several of the Hungarian songs that are more well-known to American Hungarians. We’ll learn what is a folk song and what isn’t. We’ll listen to the songs, discover the meaning behind the words, and then we will sing them! It will be fun to explore Hungarian language in a new way and solve the mystery about what our parents and grandparents were singing about! If you have a song you want to learn more about, now is a good time to mention it in the comments, even if you aren’t sure of the title but only remember a phrase or two!

We already have a couple classes planned. And, as soon as the dates are set, we’ll let you know the details. For starters, we have our eyes on a December date where we will explore two well known Hungarian Christmas songs! Be sure to let me know via email if you are interested — message me at and be sure to put Hungarian Songs in the subject line.

Zina Bozzay is an active performer, collector, arranger, and teacher of Hungarian folk songs in the US and Hungary. She has taught these songs to Hungarian speakers and non-speakers for over a decade, and is known for her accessible teaching style, academic rigor, and contagious enthusiasm. Zina’s website!

If you would like to learn Hungarian, we’d love to help! CLICK HERE to see our opportunities to strengthen your at a variety of levels! Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced speaker, we would love to help you grow in your confidence and knowledge with our various options!