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Magyar Marketing Newsletter #98


October 2014

Isten Hozott

Our family enjoys any opportunity to connect with our Hungarian heritage so it is natural for us to share this type of information with our customers. Whether or not you were exposed to Hungarian foods, dance, language or traditions at an early age you are welcome to join us on our journey. Here we share information on events happening throughout the US (and sometimes Canada) and we share ideas on how to incorporate more of a Hungarian influence in your home and family. Have you found something that has worked well for your family? We would love to hear your story!

Important Updates from Magyar Marketing

Boston in September: One of my favorite things about Magyar Marketing is putting faces to names with our customer base when we are out and about. Recently we were able to attend a Harvest Festival in Boston and a long time customer took the time to come over to our table and say “hello”. It was so fun to finally meet him after years of phone conversations!

Sarasota in October: We have a special opportunity to travel to Sarasota FL October 18-19th for their big Hungarian Festival. If you have the opportunity to attend please stop at our table and introduce yourself! We will have just a few products along as the distance is great but it will be fun to be able to enjoy the festivities. I know Erika and her team are working hard to provide a fantastic event!

Wedding Bells in November:
Our son is getting married and I volunteered to cook Hungarian food for the rehearsal dinner. I haven’t cooked for a crowd very often so I appreciate any tips and tricks you can pass on. I plan to make chicken paprikas, rakott krumpli, uborka salad and walnut beigli. I figured those are pretty safe bets for non-Hungarians — and they are some of our family’s favorites. Wish me well!

Tours to Hungary: We are still in conversation with a couple of tour companies for a tour to Hungary. We originally thought we could have the tour in Fall 2015 but our daughter has recently set her wedding date and so it looks like we will need to wait until May 2016 to travel to Hungary. We are already plotting out the itinerary so please continue to save your money and we will keep you informed of our progress. We know what a privilege it is to visit such a beautiful country with amazing people and we continue to plod through the details of such an undertaking! Stay tuned!

Website Updates: We are still working on the website and the changeover will be sometime in mid-October. Our intent is for our many articles to be more easily found and for the ordering process to be updated. If you already have items on your mind to purchase for Thanksgiving or Christmas or you are ordering from outside of the USA I would encourage you to order as soon as possible. Some of our products come from Hungary and are in production now. Please plan ahead!

Szaloncukor ~ Traditional Hungarian Christmas Candy
Szaloncukor is due to be in the United States in the next couple of weeks. This year’s flavors are jelly, coconut, caramel, marzipan/cherry, chocolate/cherry, and cottage cheese/lemon. All are dipped in chocolate and wrapped with colorful paper. If you are looking for a fun and delicious way to share a Hungarian Christmas tradition in your family, Szaloncukor is a great starting point! Even non-Hungarians are excited to learn about this fun family ritual. Every shipment of Szaloncukor will include a little notecard explaining this special Hungarian tradition just in case you don’t know it! If you want to be notified via email as soon as the Hungarian Christmas candy is available please send me an email ( with szaloncukor in the subject line. When it is in stock you will be among the first to know! We are not sure what the pricing will be this year until it arrives so I will also include that information in your email notification.

Hungarian Christmas Carol Project
I know, you might think it is a little bit early to think about Christmas but I want to plant a seed for an idea for the upcoming Christmas season. There are many Hungarian speaking shut-ins either home bound or in nursing facilities who would be so surprised and blessed to hear just 2 or 3 Christmas carols in Hungarian. If you remember sweet songs like Mennyből az Angyal, Dicsőség, or Pásztorok, Pásztorok I would like to challenge you to get a group of 3-5 people together to seek out that aging Hungarian population and consider getting together a few people to sing some Christmas carols with and for them.

Please contact us!
Our goal is to help you be inspired to begin or continue sharing your Hungarian heritage in whatever way you can! If you have specific questions regarding this, please send me an email!

Köszönöm! Thank you!

Minden jót! Wishing you all the best!

Liz and Don Vos

Lauren, Landon, Elizabeth and Hannah