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Magyar Marketing Newsletter #153


Isten Hozott!

March 2019

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We will be on the road from March 10th – March 24th as we travel to the Taste of Hungary Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. We will not ship orders during that time. If you order before Friday, March 8th, we will get your order in the mail before we go. Otherwise we will ship as soon as we return. Please plan ahead! Thank you for understanding!

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Hello! Welcome to our March e-newsletter! I like to have a relatively solid plan when I travel but I always love the spontaneous opportunities that come with any trip, whether here or abroad. Even though I like to be busy and make progress, I always like to leave some margin in my day to be able to welcome the unexpected!

While making final preparations for our 2019 Fall Wine and Culinary Tour, my tour partner, Andrea, and I stopped for a quick visit in Tard, a small village in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County with a population of about 1400 precious people. We had been mulling over some enhancements to our upcoming tour and wanted to explore some possibilities. And then, before I knew it, I found myself sitting around the table with Erzsinéni and her friends eating fánk (donuts) and making csigatészta (small, rolled soup noodles). What a lovely moment! When you travel with us, you have to be okay with a few deviations to the printed schedule. We are committed to giving you a great value for your money with a large variety of meaningful experiences! Click here for the 2019 tour opportunities and send an email to with Tours in the subject line if you want more specific information on one of our 2019 tours or to be informed of our tour schedule for 2020, once it is published!

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Learn Hungarian — for a discount! As many of you know, I have been on an intentional journey over the last 10 years to grow in my Hungarian knowledge, particularly my ability to understand and participate in conversations in Hungarian. One resource I have been utilizing is the Smart Hungarian Audio Course. I have been familiar with Catch Budapest for over a year now and have purchased several of their resources. This course allows me the opportunity to more finely tune my ears to the sounds of Hungarian, at my pace. The tips, resources, and explanations that accompany each lesson help me understand the Hungarian language and culture in a deeper way. We have a special offer for you! Follow this link and, if you sign up using the discount code MAGYAR during checkout, you will receive a 20% discount on the program! On its own, the Smart Hungarian Audio Course operates at a very fair price but using our code you get an additional 20% off! 

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Upcoming Events! Will we see you at the 6th Annual Taste of Hungary in Phoenix, Arizona? Be sure to stop by our booth and introduce yourself! The best thing about our travel schedule is the people we meet and connect with along the way!

Coming up are two special Hungarian Meet & Greet opportunities:

March 30th at Laszlo’s Iron Skillet in Cincinnati, Ohio.

April 27th at the Hungarian Settlement Historical Museum in Hammond, Louisiana

Be sure to check out the details for these and other upcoming events HERE! We have a few more of these opportunities in the works so stay tuned. If you would like to co-host an event like this near you, please get in touch with us!

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The Dohány Street Synagogue:

Did you know the synagogue in Budapest is the largest in Europe? I hadn’t visited the Dohány Street Synagogue since 1999 but wanted to visit again, particularly after seeing the synagogues in Mád, Szeged, and Szabadka (now located in Serbia).

An ugly part of Hungarian and world history has to do with the treatment of those with Jewish heritage during World War II. We had an excellent guide who explained a little bit of Jewish history as well as details on the Jewish ghetto in Budapest. It is important and sobering to learn about and contemplate those who have endured so much suffering.

If you would be interested in exploring more about the history of the Jewish people in Hungary by going on a tour with this being a main focus, please send an email to with Jewish Heritage Tour in the subject line. As the details are worked out, we will keep you informed.

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Have you heard about the AHEA? The American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) is a scholarly and professional organization devoted to the teaching and dissemination of Hungarian culture. AHEA provides opportunities for those interested in Hungarian studies and Hungarian heritage to further these interests, in part, by deepening the appreciation for Hungarian culture among Americans of Hungarian origin and encouraging the maintenance of the Hungarian language and Hungarian studies in English.

I have had the pleasure of attending several of their conferences in the last few years and the sessions are diverse and fascinating. If you have an interest in Hungarian connections to history, literature, education, science, music, and the arts you should consider attending the 44th Annual AHEA Conference, April 4-6, 2019 at the University of Pittsburgh. Check out the submitted abstracts!  I don’t think there is another place in the U.S. where you can learn about the Hungarian influence in such a variety of topics in English during one weekend. The AHEA is an amazing resource to those who really want to dig into the next level of Hungarian culture!

While the information shared is definitely geared towards people in academia, I have attended and have found value in the presentations. Basically, it is similar to attending a college lecture. Check out their website and see if this conference would be something you are interested in, particularly if you live in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Did you miss the February e-newsletter? Click here!

All the best!

Minden jót!

Liz and Don Vos

Our mission is to provide you with resources and encouragement to discover, celebrate, and share your Hungarian heritage with friends and family!


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