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The Hungarian Project

We hear from a lot of folks who miss hearing Hungarian and are interested in brushing up on their skills or simply just want to learn Hungarian and have had very little exposure. We hope this post will be helpful.

I have compiled a number of the lessons from the Hungarian Project so you have them together in one spot (on our website) and can share them with others. I will add to the list as I have time but in the meantime see if Chris’ pace and topics are of use to you. Chris has not advertised through me, I just stumbled upon his work and I have found it helpful. He mixes in a little bit of humor and he takes it nice and slow.

Hungarian Project Episode 1 ~ The Alphabet
This is probably my least favorite episode as it is his very initial one and his delivery style improves as he goes along but, you just have to understand the Hungarian alphabet before you go any further so you have to watch it if you are new to Hungarian.

Hungarian Project Episode 2 ~ A Few Words

Hungarian Project Episode 3 ~ Making sentences (attachments to verbs)

Hungarian Project Episode 4 ~ Regular vs. Irregular

Hungarian Project Episode 5 ~ A few nouns and verbs

Hungarian Project Episode 6 ~ Naming things and asking questions

Hungarian Project Episode 7 ~ The Object Mode

Hungarian Project Episode 8 ~ The missing attachments (in one take)

Hungarian Project Episode 9 ~ All the attachments (well, not all, but… ya’know)

Hungarian Project Episode 10 ~ Practicing the Attachments

Hungarian Project Episode 11 ~ I am Chris and I am from Hungary

Hungarian Project Episode 12 ~ Possessive form and mixing expression

Hungarian Project Episode 13

For Hungarian Language Learning Resources, try your local library (and the Inter Library Loan Program) or the Magyar Marketing website. For some tips and tricks for learning Hungarian, please see one of our posts titled Learning Hungarian!

Have fun on your language learning adventure!

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