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Hungarian Themed Valentine Printouts

Here are two examples!
Here are two examples!

Emese Kerkay who works with the American Hungarian Museum in Passaic, NJ and is a very talented artist and worked with us to more fully develop this idea. Be sure to click on the link above and look around at the museum website as it is full of great information!

Incorporating Hungarian into our daily lives is an important way for us to grow in our familiarity with the language as well as have a little fun. It is amazing how many of our non-Hungarian friends have picked up on the few phrases we have started using more frequently. Even though it is highly unlikely we will ever reach an upper level of conversation in Hungarian, we continue to learn new vocabulary every day and we just keep plugging away.

Maybe you have friends or family who know Hungarian or are interested in learning it or would be sweetly surprised if you made an effort to learn something in Hungarian. Below there are a few greetings…appropriate for any time but inspired by Valentine’s Day ~ Bálint Napot.

You can print these out on paper or card stock and color them with markers or colored pencils or crayons. We like the look of the colored pencils and they are more forgiving! If you print them out on paper or card stock, you can trim them and use double stick tape and add them to a nice colored piece of card stock or folded card stock. Use your imagination and please add any ideas you came up with in the comment section so we can learn from you!

You can also use these images as inspiration for other folk art projects. You can use transfer paper or just practice tracing over these until you get a feel for the design and then make it your own. We used some of these designs for our rubber stamp craft.

Hungarian Folk Art Valentines

More Hungarian Folk Art Valentines

Hungarian Folk Heart Coloring Page

Special thanks to Nikolett Corley, a gifted artist who is from Hungary and has lived in New York since 2009. She designed the Hungarian folk heart coloring hearts.

Some special greetings in Hungarian and English

Boldog Bálint Napot! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Szeretlek! I Love You!

Legyél az enyém! Be Mine!

Te vagy a legjobb! You are the best!

Szívtől szívnek! From my heart!

Te egy gyémánt vagy! You are a treasure!

Köszönöm hogy a barátom vagy! Thank you for being my friend!

Jézus szeret! Jesus Loves You!

Isten szeret! God Loves You!



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