Hungarian Folk Dancing

I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and was a part of a Hungarian dance group at St. Stephen’s of Hungary church in Struthers, Ohio. Ruth Fabian was our instructor and she had the patience of a saint!  I was a youngster during that time but I always looked up to the older girls as they were always dressed in the fancier clothes and thought of the day I might “graduate” and do the wine bottle dance!

Did you participate in a Hungarian dance group as a child or an adult?

Here are a few Hungarian dance videos for you to enjoy!

Duquesne University Tamburitzans

Cleveland Hungarian Scouts Folk Ensemble Csárdás Dance

Hungarian Men’s Traditional Dance

For information and inspiration on ways to infuse more Hungarian heritage in your life, CLICK HERE!

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» Patricia Hewitt Choby said: { Mar 15, 2020 - 10:03:55 }

When I was a child in Duquesne,Pa. I learned to dance at the St. Mary’s Byzentine Catholic Church.It was a wonderful experience. Each summer we would perform in our beautiful folk costumes in Kennywood park on Hungarian Day. I also danced with the University of Pittsburgh Tamburitzans.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful folk dance videos. It brought back so many happy memories.

» Imre J. Tihanyi said: { Mar 15, 2020 - 11:03:35 }

I arrived in Youngstown in March 1961, From the ‘Magyar Real Gymnazium’ in Innsbruck, Austria. Came with the Family SZEP. Mr. Szep became the Coach of the, ‘Youngstown Magyars’ Soccer Team, Szep Aba es Attila, his boys and myself, became the players for the team. I remember Father TOROK, was the Priest of the Roman Catholic Community! If I remember Mr. De Bartollo was the Mayor, he welcomed us in person, when we crossed into Ohio, on the Turn Pike. Received a card from his office, that directed the Police to call his office, if we got in trouble around town. Our Soccer Field was not that far from the Steel Mills, they were at that time still blowing smoke! Good Old Days!