Hungarian Dialogue Sessions


Our Hungarian Dialogue Sessions are starting again soon!

Join us for a sample session!

Are you relatively new to Hungarian? If you are familiar with the pronunciation of the the letters but want to participate in early and easy conversation practice, then we have a fun learning opportunity for you!

Basic Hungarian Dialogue Sessions are designed for people who know the sounds of the language and are in the early stages of their journey in Hungarian. The instructor will walk through the pronunciation of the set dialogue with the students, but it won’t be reviewed extensively. Topics will include basic introductions, buying a ticket, ordering food or a beverage, shopping at the market, etc. There might be a grammar explanation here or there, but this is not a substitute for a classroom setting. The goal is to practice speaking Hungarian and get comfortable with it!
Email to receive the Zoom link and materials for the April 5th class and see what you think! There is no charge if you sample this class and decide not to join for the month, but this is a great way to see how it works!
Interested in taking Hungarian language lessons? Check out our information HERE! New classes are starting in early April!
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