Genealogy Tips

We have been gathering Genealogy Tips and we know you have some to recommend! Please be sure to comment or email us ( with your favorite tips so we can include them in this post!

Tip #1: Start with yourself! Someone in the future will be very thankful you wrote down the important information about you! If everyone before us would have written things down, we wouldn’t be busy searching for so much documentation!

Tip #2: Find a space for your genealogy things. Find a box, some file folders, and a notebook. Or dedicate a spot in the corner of a room so you know where the things are when you need them!

Tip #3: Interview family members who are still living! They may remember little bits and pieces about your family you have never heard before! You can use video, audio, or old fashioned paper and pencil!

Tip #4: Familiarize yourself with a little bit of the history during the time immediate before or after your family left Hungary.

Tip #5: Is there someone in your family that has kept important information? Pay them a visit. Ask them what they know and if they will share any documents they might have.

Tip #6: Before you sign up for a family tree type website, make sure you have some time to focus on your genealogy project. Also, gather some information first and have it in front of you so you can use make the most of your free 14 day trial. If you are making progress, sign up for their special deal!

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