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Lala’s Hungarian Pastry and Restaurant

Lala’s Hungarian Pastry and Restaurant was a wonderful discovery in New Hampshire!

Yes, you read that right: NEW HAMPSHIRE!

I don’t think New Hampshire has an overabundance of Hungarians but Lala’s celebrates 17 years of being in business this year which just goes to show you that a business that serves Hungarian food does not have to be plopped in the middle of a Hungarian area to make it. If you have great food, good prices and great customer service, you can certainly survive.

Even the former Governor of New York, George Pataki, often stops by when he is near to get some of his favorite Hungarian foods! That is pretty exciting stuff!

We enjoyed visiting with the owner about his journey to the United States and we needed to sample the stuffed cabbage and gulyás. We also took home several desserts with us to have later.

So if you ever find yourself in or near Manchester NH, check out Lala’s! Be sure to take a few moments to read the articles on the wall near the cash register or, better yet, visit with the family while you are there!

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