Celebrating Hungarian Heritage


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Have you heard? We are crazy about our Hungarian heritage and we have been busy developing resources to help you discover, celebrate, and share Hungarian heritage! So keep reading and see all the ways you can connect!

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Hungarian Living Podcast

A podcast is an audio show! We have been busy recording over the last several months and have released 5 different episodes already. It has been fun challenge to learn about podcasting and we hope you have fun listening to Hungarian Living! Our goal is to help you think more about how your Hungarian heritage has impacted your life and encourage you to dig deeper in the areas that you would like to learn more about! We will discuss recipes and traditions and holidays and visit with interesting folks from around the USA as well as abroad! We have some great conversations in store for you over the next several months.

If you click on the link above you can listen to the episode that touches on just a few of my experiences growing up with a strong Hungarian influence. I hope my story gets you thinking a little bit about your story! Do you have a favorite memory related to your Hungarian culture? Have you ever told anyone about it or written it down?

There are several ways to listen to the Hungarian Living podcast! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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These classes are all designed with the beginner in mind! Learn how to make and decorate Hungarian Honey Cakes! Or, try your hand at making szaloncukor — the traditional candy that is hung on the Christmas tree. Or learn how to make foam kisses! All of these items can be a lovely addition to your Christmas tree! But hurry! The classes all happen within the first two weekends in October! Details can be found at Magyar Marketing ~ The Hungarian Store!

You might have a friend or relative that can’t be in the same kitchen with you but you can take the class “together”! All the classes meet on Zoom and they will not be recorded. These are live classes with a skilled instructor! So block out some time to learn some great traditional Hungarian Christmas treats!



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Interested in learning or sharpening your Hungarian language skills?
Email Liz@MagyarMarketing.com or call us at 1-800-786-7851  and we will send you more information! We know Hungarian is a difficult language and since we aren’t doing much traveling these days, it’s a perfect time to study some Hungarian so your next trip to Hungary will be a little easier! Our classes are small and meet weekly with a live teacher. There will be a little homework to help you cement your learning as well as the important opportunity to learn from an experienced teacher.

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  • 1st week – Hungarian Events, News, & Organizations
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  • 3rd week – Hungarian Recipes, Foods, & Traditions
  • 4th week – Hungarian History, Inventions, & Creative Inspiration

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We love finding new ways to connect to our Hungarian heritage! Thank you for supporting our family business!
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