2021 Let’s Cook Hungarian Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 Let’s Cook Hungarian Challenge!

If you have been a part of the challenge for a few years, you will notice some repeats. Some Hungarian dishes are worth repeating – actually, most are! And we all know that practice makes perfect!

Check out the Hungarian Living podcast! This episode is all about the Let’s Cook Hungarian Challenge!


If you have not qualified for an apron before, 2021 will be a great year for that! Complete the dish in the month it is due and send me an email about your experience. You can include a photo or just your thoughts on the dish. My email is Liz@MagyarMarketing.com and this part is mandatory. You can join the challenge for the fun and not worry about the apron. We have many people who earn their apron and then rejoin for the fun each year. This isn’t really about the apron.

Involve the generations! If you live far away from a family member who is a great cook, contact them about their recipe! Engage in conversation about your “assignment” and get their insight! You likely have an expert in your midst – glean from them! I am not an expert. I am just helping you along with some motivation. Helping you engage with Hungarian food is my priority!

If you have a Hungarian cookbook, you can definitely use the recipes from there. You can find recipes on the internet, or you can use your own family recipes. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things and new techniques! The goal is to expand on what we know, but, mainly, to eat more Hungarian food. Have fun! Enjoy the experience! And remember, don’t take yourself too seriously! This opportunity is mainly about making a deeper connection with your Hungarian heritage via delicious Hungarian food and helping you feel more confident in the kitchen!

Connect with us in our private Facebook group. Ask questions there! We have some great cooks in the group with a wide variety of experiences! The group is called Let’s Cook Hungarian Challenge. and be sure to answer the membership questions as this is not a group that is open to the general public.

Pay attention to emails from me! The monthly challenges will be published during the third week of the month before it is due, in our regular e-newsletter. You have to be signed up for the e-newsletter to participate. You can do so HERE!

There is still time to invite a friend, cousin, sibling, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or grandchild to participate with you in the challenge! Just have them contact me: Liz@MagyarMarketing.com

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January Assignment – Chicken Paprikás

If this feels like “old hat” to you, make your own dumplings. Make cucumber salad. Make a loaf of rustic bread to go along with the meal. Expand your knowledge by bumping it up a notch. Or don’t. It all depends on what your week looks like! If all of this is what you normally make, consider branching out and trying veal, beef, venison, or mushroom paprikás.

Click on this Chicken Paprikás Recipe to see one way to do it. I started out making it one way and then I changed how I did. Guess what, you can do that. If you need to make gluten free dumplings, you do that. Don’t like sour cream? Don’t use it. Each family will have variations. You don’t have to go out and butcher the chicken. You don’t have to make your own paprika. But you can certainly do all those things if you want to. The goal here is to eat more Hungarian food and to find recipes that you will learn to cook and share within your own family.

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Still Have Questions?

We will be hosting a special Zoom Chat to explain the details of the 2021 Let’s Cook Hungarian Challenge and answer any questions!

Join us on Zoom!

Wednesday, January 13th

8pm Eastern Time

You must pre-register for this event!

Request your access by sending an email to Liz@MagyarMarketing.com

We will meet for no more than an hour to discuss the details of the challenge.

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Cooking with Tunde ~ Chicken Paprikás Class

If you have never made chicken paprikás before, and you would like some guidance or if you just love to learn about new ways to do things, we are offering a class with Tunde on Saturday, January 30th. From start to finish, Tunde will teach her recipes, tips, and tricks, and you will learn how to make chicken paprikás, dumplings, and cucumber salad! You can find more details HERE!