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Magyar Marketing Newsletter #152

February 2019


Isten Hozott!

This photo above is a little reminder of what I was doing last year during February! My cousin, Mark Bolla, took this amazing photo in Lillafüred. We had a blast being in Hungary during the winter and taking part in some fascinating Hungarian winter traditions. We were blessed a few days of beautiful snow so we adapted our tour schedule to include a few special memories, like a two horse open sleigh ride in the countryside. If you have been dreaming of visiting Hungary, what are you waiting for? We have created several wonderful opportunities for travel to Hungary and Transylvania. Space is limited so see dates and details at the end of this newsletter or check out the information on our website and let’s talk!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you need something for this special day, please order before 8am on Friday, February 8th (Central Time) because we leave again early Saturday morning for a long weekend! We have several great gifts for Valentine’s Day, check them out here!

You can also color your own FREE Hungarian folk art specially made for Valentine’s Day — some with greetings and some without! Check those out here! We also have some other creative Valentine’s Day ideas here!

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Hungarian Food!

It’s been great fun to see Hungarian restaurants popping up again around the United States so support them when you can. If you have a new favorite, let me know! However, I still would love to see more people cooking Hungarian food at home, particularly among at least two generations. This year, grab a friend or family member and tackle four recipes that you haven’t made in a while or you have really wanted to try! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your love by venturing into the kitchen and creating something Hungarian! We have a few suggestions, of course, but you may have your own favorite recipe you haven’t made for a while! Start there!

Túrós Csusza (Farmer’s Cheese and Bacon with Noodles)


Chicken Paprikás

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Hungarian Events

There are always things in the works in each Hungarian club but not all of them are publicized in a way for us to post in our e-newsletter and/or on our Facebook page. We encourage you to become an active member if there is a Hungarian group near you because that is definitely where you will hear the news first! Also, you will meet some amazing folks who know so much about Hungarian food and traditions! If they let you hang out in the kitchen, you can learn a lot!

We will be in Phoenix, Arizona for their Hungarian Festival on March 16th — see all the details for this (and more) here! The events are listed in date order so scroll down for the Phoenix event!

We are excited about this event coming up in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 30th. See details in this poster and join us in Cincinnati for a fun afternoon!

Stay tuned as we are working out the details for several other “Meet & Greet” opportunities. If you have a Hungarian business or are willing to co-host a Meet and Greet style open house, get in contact with me at to explore the possibility of working together. It is a great way for people with Hungarian heritage to learn more about a local Hungarian business, learn more about the work we do, and meet some new people who live in the area!

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News about Hungary and Hungarians!

Letting your Hungarian heritage influence the things you learn about and do is “Magyar Living”. And it’s easy to do because there are so many opportunities all around us to get engaged with Hungarian everything! Take a look!

Did you know Budapest recently was named the top destination for 2019? Of course, you shouldn’t be surprised! Check out the article here!

Did you know the Atlanta Falcons sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia was designed by Budapest-based artist Gábor Miklós Szőke? Check out the story here!

Are you familiar with the thermal spas in Hungary? They are plentiful and amazing! Read all about it here!

What’s in a Name (Day)? With all the Elizabeth’s in my family line, I always knew when my Name Day was. Are you familiar with this tradition? Check out our article here!


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Bit of Hungary Subscription Box

Celebrate Hungarian heritage with a little bit of Hungary each month delivered to your door! Our Bit of Hungary subscription box is just $45 each month, and that includes shipping/handling. It’s a great gift for someone else or a fun treat for yourself!

Each month, your Bit of Hungary Box will be unique and contain a variety of Hungarian items, including foods that are ready to eat and foods that may need to be cooked (with a recipe included). We will be on the lookout for great box contents when we go to Hungary so that is why we can’t say with absolute certainty what will be in each box every month. But trust us as we curate these Bit of Hungary boxes for you. Pictured here are the types of items that will make an appearance during this year.

When you sign up, your box will ship the very next month! You can choose from a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription. If you sign up for a full year of fun, you will receive a free map of pre-war Hungary (a $35 value) during the 12th month in addition to your monthly box. Boxes will ship between the 5th – 15th of the month! If you sign up in February, your first box will ship in March!

Did you miss our January e-newsletter? Check it out here!

All the best!

Liz and Don Vos

Our mission is to provide you with resources and encouragement to discover, celebrate, and share your Hungarian heritage with friends and family!


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