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Magyar Marketing Newsletter #118


Welcome! Isten Hozott!
June 2016

I have been waiting to be in the right place at the right time to try the combination of vanilla ice cream and a cinnamon kürtöskalács‏. Thank you, Budapest, for helping me achieve this goal! What a treat!

Upcoming Events

Looking for Hungarian events in the USA? Check out our event page! If you have an event you want to publicize, please contact me!

Ideas for Sharing Hungarian Culture in Your Family
Unfortunately there are times when the people in your life might not be “into” their Hungarian heritage. I am blessed to know so many people who have no Hungarian history but are excited to learn about it. Our children may not be fluent in Hungarian but all of their friends know a few Hungarian words and love anything Hungarian. I think enthusiasm blended with fun goes a long way to generating excitement. Here are a few ideas for sharing Hungarian heritage and helping those you love make the connection! If you have other suggestions, please share them! I would love to know what has worked for you!

– Host a Hungarian heritage night for friends and family!

– Invite some people to help you make a few Hungarian treats to share.

– Include some Hungarian music in the background.

– Teach everyone to sing Az a Szép or some other Hungarian folk song. Here is a link if you would like to hear a few different folk songs with words included.

– Host a szalonnasütés! This way to directions.

– Design a quiz with a Hungarian theme and give a prize or two to those who answer correctly the most without help from the internet.

Here are some questions to get you thinking but don’t let these limit your creativity!

What are the colors of the current Hungarian flag?
Name two important revolution dates in Hungarian history.
What is the capital of Hungary?
Name a U.S. state that is about the same size as Hungary.
Name a famous person that has Hungarian ancestry.
Name an invention designed by someone with Hungarian ancestry.
What does the word “Magyar” mean?
Have you ever sung the song “Az A Szép”?
Do you know how to say “Good Morning” in Hungarian?
Have you ever visited Hungary?
What year did the border lines of Hungary get redrawn in such a harsh way that Hungary lost two thirds of her land and her people?
Name one bridge that connects Buda and Pest.

You can check out some related books from the library and have them available to help them in their research or have them interview the older generation to see who knows what in a friendly type of competition. But you can also let them use the internet to explore the answers! It’s up to you, but remember the goal is to learn about some Hungarian things–there isn’t only one right way to learn!

Retes Demo_s

Rétes‏ (Strudel) Demonstration
On our recent tour to Hungary we spent time in the Őrség region learning about the history of the area. We had a wonderful lunch with traditional foods from that area and were privileged to watch as they made sour cherry/cheese rétes for us! Even our bus driver was excited about this event and took all kinds of pictures. Our daughter, Elizabeth, shot a video of the process: Here is the video: Rétes‏ (Strudel) Demonstration


Book Review
Will you be traveling or finding yourself with a little free time this summer? Grab a book with a Hungarian theme! All of our children are avid readers but our son, Landon, has been particularly interested in Hungarian history and shares the following review of The Fall of the Red Star by Helen M. Szablya and Peggy King Anderson.

In the fall of 1956, fourteen-year-old Stephen and his friends are drawn into revolution. After decades of brutal oppression by the Soviet Union and treacherous AVO Secret Police (Hungarians who serve the Soviets against their own people), the people of Hungary rise up to demand basic human rights such as the freedom of speech and religion, free elections, and freedom from search and seizure. Read more.


Adventure in Hungary
We have just returned from our May 2016 Adventure in Hungary and we had a wonderful time! Twenty-three of us traveled together for two great weeks. Most of the group did not know one another and we ranged in age from 19-75. It was fun to watch the group grow and connect with one another even with such varied experiences and backgrounds. Several of our participants had an opportunity to connect with their family members in Hungary. Even those who have traveled to Hungary multiple times before saw and experienced things they had not done previously!

If you would like information on our Fall 2016 tour or one of our Spring 2017 tours, please give me a call at 1-800-786-7851 to discuss the details.

Wishing you all the best! Minden jót!

Liz and Don Vos

Hannah, Elizabeth, Landon & Grace, and Lauren & Josh

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We love helping you discover, celebrate, and share Hungarian heritage!