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Magyar Marketing Newsletter #139


Isten Hozott!

This year marks our 30th year in business! We are excited to celebrate with you in a variety of ways so stay tuned! If we have inspired you to learn more Hungarian history or language, cook more Hungarian food, travel to Hungary, attend a Hungarian event or otherwise become more engaged with your Hungarian culture then we have done our job! If we don’t work together to encourage one another in “all things Hungarian” our heritage will diminish and then completely disappear! Let’s not allow that to happen!

Let’s Cook Challenge

Jacqueline from New York sent me a photo of her pogácsa!

Keeping Hungarian heritage alive in families is an effort. Most of my grandparents came to the U.S. as children in the early 1900’s so it has been over 100 years since they have left Hungary. Some traditions may be considered lost, of course. But my perspective is that these traditions have been in hibernation – just waiting to be re-awakened and re-introduced into the family life. Nurturing others through food is a wonderful gift and Hungarian recipes can ignite discussions about Hungarian culture and history with family and friends. I don’t have the benefit of following my mom or grandmother around the kitchen in order to learn their teaching techniques so there is a lot more trial and error in what I cook. I love simple recipes but I also enjoy the more challenging ones when I have the time to experiment. My biggest obstacle is setting aside the time to play in the kitchen! If you would like a challenge each month to insert some more Hungarian food into your life, the Let’s Cook Challenge is for you! There is still time to join in on the fun and qualify for the Hungarian Chef apron. Check out this link with all the details! I have already received some photos from several participants as they have already completed the January task! I can’t wait to hear from everyone and how things went!

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Making Szaloncukor

You may remember that I committed to making szaloncukor this year. Wow! It was quite a project but mainly because it was just not something I had ever done before. If I hadn’t challenged myself to do it and made it public, I know I would have just kept putting it off. Read all about it here….

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Some Interesting Articles

We are always looking for interesting items that relate to Hungarian heritage on the Internet. Here are two you might be interested in:

Hungarian New Year’s Eve Superstitions: Part I and Part II

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Check out our fun video highlighting some of our tours and contact us for more information if you want to travel to Hungary in 2018 or 2019! We would love to have you join us!

I am headed back to Hungary towards the end of January for our Winter Traditions Tour and I want to make sure upcoming events for your Hungarian club are publicized so please email your digital “poster” for your event as soon as you have the details ready so we can include it in the Upcoming Events area of the Magyar Living website. We know with March 15th coming up there will be commemorations of this historical event taking place all around the U.S.A. and Canada.

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Happy New Year!

Boldog Új Évet Kívánunk

Liz and Don Vos

Lauren and Josh, Landon and Grace, Elizabeth and Hannah

Our mission is to provide you with resources and encouragement to discover, celebrate, and share your Hungarian heritage with friends and family!


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