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Magyar Marketing Newsletter #93

The passageway to delicious langós in Szentendre!
The passageway to delicious langós in Szentendre!

May 2014

Isten Hozott! Welcome!

We love discovering, celebrating, and sharing our Hungarian heritage and this e-newsletter is packed with information on a variety of opportunities to get involved across the USA! Please share it with others and encourage them to get involved and get connected!

It is not too late to order walnut rolls or other treats for your Mother’s Day celebration but time is running out! Please either call us at 1-800-786-7851 or order from our website by Monday, May 5th! We also are running a special sale on our Culinaria Hungary/Apron Combo as well as our dumpling makers and we have a new Nagymama t shirt!

And while you likely have “Mom” and “Grandma” on your mind, feel free to send us a short tribute (see the guidelines here) and we will include it on our website. Each entry will qualify for a free gift and the more entries there are, the more gifts we will add to the pot!

Upcoming Events

Hungarian Dance and Folk Music Camps 2014 There are several Hungarian Camps this summer and they are being held in Washington, Michigan and Florida. Maybe you are able to jump in on the fun this year but maybe this will plant a seed about attending one of them next year. I am always excited to see the events that happen across the country and it would be my hope to attend one of these next year!

Hungarian Heritage Festival Sat, May 10 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have not been able to attend this event but if you live in the area or get a chance to go, we would love to know your thoughts. Click on the link above to see important details on this event!

We are looking forward to the Hungarian Festival in New Brunswick NJ June 7th! Will you be there? We missed last year due to our pending move! There is a great line up of food and performances and we are already starting to pray for the weather to be favorable! So much effort and energy goes into planning this event and we are excited to be relatively close by now that we have relocated to New York!

The 7th annual Gulyas Cook off in Chicago will be held July 12-13 2014 in Norridge IL. Click on their link but this 2 day event is a wonderful opportunity to hear great Hungarian music, eat wonderful Hungarian food and celebrate Hungarian heritage!

Our Recent Trip to Hungary

We had a wonderful time in Hungary and we are finding it hard to put it into words because our time was filled with old friends, new friends, family, genealogy, both personal and business inspiration, incredible food, amazing weather, and on and on. CLICK HERE for a start on our adventure with more to come in the upcoming months!

Your Upcoming Trip to Hungary

While we were in Hungary we were able to have some conversations about organizing tours again. Whether or not you choose to go with Magyar Marketing on a tour I am going to encourage you to squirrel away $$ so when the perfect time and opportunity comes along for you to visit Magyarország (Hungary), you will be ready. We loved our time in Hungary and it was a mixture of city and country, family and friends, business and pleasure. I am always inspired and encouraged and challenged when I visit Hungary because it is simply beautiful and ALL of my roots head directly there. If you haven’t been to Hungary, please set aside the time to go!

New Items

I Kiss Your Hands Many Times ~ Hearts, Souls, and Wars in Hungary by Marianne Szegedy-Maszák We have mentioned this book before (it is available at our website) but there is an author talk coming up on May 14th at the Hungarian House in New York City. We plan to attend! Click Here for more details on the author talk as you need to pre-register!

The Spirit of Hungary by Stephen Sisa. A small stash of this wonderful book was discovered and it is available in very good condition ($30) as well as new condition ($40). Shipping and handling are additional. If you don’t mind some minor bumps, take the very good condition one but either price is a steal considering the amount of information in this book! If you do not have this book in your family library, it is a wonderful resource and a fascinating read! Here is one of many reviews:

The most readable book in English on the history of Hungary. Factual, well-researched, yet entertaining…An excellent view of the important achievements of world-renowned Hungarian scientists, artists, and musicians.
~ Robert A. Heller, Ph.D. Virginia Tech University

Link to April e-newsletter

Magyar Marketing
PO Box 352
Bronxville NY 10708


Minden jót! Wishing you all the best!

~ helping you discover, celebrate, and share Hungarian heritage!

The Magyar Marketing Team
Liz, Don, 
Lauren, Landon, Elizabeth and Hannah


Krisztina Roder

That picture at the top of this newsletter has me salivating! I know exactly where that alley is. In fact, earlier this week I was reminiscing about langos from that very place! I think it’s time to take a crack at making langos at home.

I enjoyed following along on your trip via social media. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.


Krisztina–We did not see it the first time we went there but Andrea Lauer Rice tipped me off on it and we thought it was great! One cheat method I have heard about when making your own is to use frozen bread dough. Let me know how yours turns out! We did have a wonderful time!!! ~ Liz

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